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Видео за JJRC V686 FPV Quadcopter DRONE Review

JJRC WLTOYS V686 FPV QUADCOPTOR DRONE FLIGHT & REVIEWThis video was taken on a very windy partially overcast day.JJRC V686 FPV R/C quadcopter review:This is a complete ready to fly ( RTF ) FPV quadcopter. The FPV transmitter, monitor and 720p camera are all very good for the price. This video was made on a very windy day at the 60% power setting. Here are our personal observations:General Review: The JJRC V686 FPV is a rebranded WLTOYS V686. WLTOYS is even referenced in the instruction booklet in several places. It’s a very stable and agile flyer. The V686 is more agile than the JJRC H12C but less sporty than the JJRC H8C. The quad comes with ball bearings and carbon fiber prop shafts (rotor shafts), a 4GB micro sd card and the camera / video functions very well. Video records at 720p in a .avi file -- photo are taken at 1600 x 1200 in a .jpg. Unlike other JJRC cameras (because this is really a WLTOYS) the photos and videos are stored in the same directory folder. The file names for ALL videos and ALL pictures are "PICTxxxx" which can be confusing especially to kids, teens and anyone who doesn't work with file systems on a normal basis. After all, why save a video file as PICTxxxx?Pros: The props did not require much balancing and didn’t have the “warning” labels on them. The ball bearing are included. 4GB SD card and reader is includedCons: Quality control is lacking. Four (4) of the 12 ball bearings were installed upside down (with the unprotected / non enclosed sides facing up). You’ll want to check all your bearings prior to flight and also balance the props. Also on the quality control side, one of the screws that attaches the FPV monitor to the transmitter was cross-threaded from the factory making installation difficult (and altogether impossible for a child / teenager).The AC power adapter we received provides the wrong DC current and will not correctly charge the battery. In order to get a full 6+ minute flight, we have to use our Onyx 235 charger or the charger for the JJRC H12C. I am asking banggood to replace our A/C adaptor.There is no “ON/OFF” switch. This is extremely frustrating. As soon as you connect the battery, the quadcopter is “ON”. This makes no sense and seems like a cheap item to omit considering they are including ball bearings and carbon fiber prop shafts.There is no labeled button for “VIDEO” or “CAMERA” on the RC transmitter. Just FYI the top left button turns on the video but there is no icon on the transmitter or camera so you actually never know when you are recording. This needs to be fixed.Critical Items JJRC / WLTOYS should correct: 1. Create a real instruction booklet in English 2. Add an ON/OFF switch so the battery can be connected without turning the quadcopter “ON” 3. Correct the AC power adaptor to output the correct voltage for the supplied battery 4. Correct the transmitter to show when you are recording a video 5. Label the transmitter to correctly identify PHOTO and VIDEO buttons 6. Make the JJRC V686 LEDs visible from long distances 7. Provide a FRONT LED visible from 300+ meters 8. Correct the file name and storage of videos and photos 9. Correct the firmware issue causing a new file to be created at 4:59 of each video. I expect 1 (one) single file for an entire flight.The LED lights are difficult to see at any distance. Like the H12C, the quad orientation is very difficult to determine when flying. The V686 has one small light in the back that “blinks”. The remaining LEDs are on the bottom of the quad copter and cannot be seen unless the quad is directly above you (which is almost never). It is very difficult to see the LED low power warning lights.All of our JJRC models can be flown at 200+ / 300+ / 400+ meters. So far away you can not see them. Only the LEDs on the H8C work at such long ranges.See annotations for more notes (annotations don’t function on some iPhones and Android – thanks Google!)Have questions? Feel free to ask.
Дрон WLtoys JJRC V686G с батерия 730mAh FPV дисплей RC пулт 5.8 GHz видеосигнал

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